Eternally Secure! – April 26, 2019

Can-you-jump-out_-600x503I love preaching and teaching; I even love doing a weekly blog.  But unlike preaching and teaching, I don’t always remember to do the weekly blog… until I’m at a meeting, in this case about Japanese Sign Language, and  get the Church’s email newsletter on my phone with last week’s newsletter still attached.  Of course God had me covered, because this little gem from GES was right next to it! ~ Pastor Scott

Can You Jump Out? (John 10:28-29)

By Shawn Lazar on Apr 26, 2019 09:00 am


Most of our pastors say a believer can jump out of God’s hand, based on John 10:28. How can I refute such a claim? 


I’m sorry to say your pastors are wrong (or, actually, I’m happy to say they’re wrong): 

1.) John 10:28-29 does not say anyone can jump out of the Father and Jesus’ hands. That is not taken from the words or the context of those verses. 

2.) John 10:28-29 says no one is able to snatch them out, which would include the believer himself. 

3.) John 10:28-29 says the Father is greater than all, including the believer. 

4.) John 10:28-29 promises that believers shall never perish. If you could lose salvation by jumping out” or by any other way, you could perish, and Jesus’s promise would be false. 

5.) John 10:28-29 promises that believers have “eternal” life. If you could lose it, it wouldn’t be eternal. 


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