Pulpit Update – February 18, 2022

Jad Crouch is training for the pastorate; he and Amber are looking at Village Missions.  I’m his mentor/advisor as he studies through the Contenders Discipleship Initiative, VI’s pastor training program.    One of the experiences I wanted to provide was preaching a series, so he is going to preach the next three weeks and then will be meeting each week with me and a small team as we talk him through what worked and didn’t work in the pulpit.  I miss having evening service wherein I could give him three months rather than three weeks, but God knows! 

The following three weeks, through the end of March, Pastor Jim will be preaching and I will be on vacation.

You might be asking yourself how it came about that I’m taking 6 weeks out of the pulpit??   Last summer, long before my wife became the Administrative Assistant here, I asked the Elders if I could take a 6 week sabbatical*.  We planned to do some reading, do some work on the house, some day trips, and one important visit to the desert southwest.  That particular plan went out the window with her new job, but I kept the dates the same and am using half for Jad’s practicum (I’ll be in the office and at church those three weeks).  I’ll use the other half for a bit of personal R&R.  


Pastor Scott

P.S. May 5, 2022 is our 25 year anniversary here at BRBC/WOGF – I didn’t want to be gone over Easter and Mother’s day, so this Anniversary Sabbatical is coming just a little bit early.

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