In Good Conscience – 12.10.2021

This past Monday, Kelly and I, went to see the Auschwitz Exhibit at Union Station. Needless to say I was both sickened and moved. I was most moved by a couple of very small snapshots of faith in YHWH in an otherwise totally secular presentation; but that’s not the focus of this blog.

In one of the last “rooms” of the exhibit the films, posters, and diagrams fully examined the thought/engineering Hitler’s lieutenants put into the total extermination of the non-Arians (Jews, Russians, Catholics, and others). They pointed out that body disposal was slowing down the killing speed so the acid showers were designed with furnaces right beneath…

Six million Jews, plus uncounted “others” were killed in cold blood only to finally be stopped by armies coming in from both sides whose consciences would let them do no less!

When I got home my heart was heavy, and my eye were leaky, as I recounted those glimpses of faith. Several hours later I heard a pro-life commercial and was reminded that 10 times that many innocent babies have been murdered in the USA since 1973. We can’t let that stand!

This Christmas, consider contributing to the pro-life fight, one baby at a time. I would encourage a gift to Resource Health of Kansas City (formerly Rachel House) or, if you want to help on a national scale, check out Both use sonograms to introduce moms to the preborn babies in hopes of reawakening their maternal love!

Yes, we need to vote thoughtfully and pray that the laws change, but the real change happens in hearts; one heart at a time.

Pastor Scott

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