Southern California Pastor Challenges the Silent Pulpit – July 23, 2021

This video clip was published in an email newsletter from The Christian Post on July 21, 2021. It is not an endorsement of Pastor Shane Idleman as I don’t know anything more about him than what I see in this video.  This brief video, however, made me think of how often Jesus was humble and kind to the meek and, yet, bold and strong to the proud.  Perhaps we all could stand to more closely model Jesus, in both cases! 

Pastor Scott 🙂

​LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT: You can have your gun protests, lie in the media, teach evolution to our kids, flaunt sexual sin and gay marriage, teach preschool kids about transgenderism, support murdering a child in the womb, but I need to shut my mouth? I don’t think so.

Why can everybody voice, everything else, but the pulpit need to be silenced? It makes no sense. Let me tell you why. It’s because they want to silence the voice of truth.

We are talking about important moral issues that will have huge ramifications when a nation departs from God. What are you leaving for your grandchildren and your children? 

Listen now by clicking this link:

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