Adult Bible Classes 9.18.20

Adult Sunday Bible Studies

Growing Together in Grace

October 4th launch

1.             Young Adult Community – Sean and Sam Nunn meeting in the Conference Room (#120)

2.  Going Deeper -An elective group that continues in a dialog about Pastor’s sermon that morning meeting in the Class Room currently behind partitions  (Room #139)

3.  Going Theological – An elective group that digs into a different area of systematic theology each quarter – Studying “Theology Proper” in Fall 2020 meeting in the Grace Classroom (#133) 

4.  Going Practical – An elective group that studies a different aspect of our practical Christian walk each quarter – Studying “Jesus among other gods” by Ravi Zacharias meeting in the Worship Center

5.  Ambassador/Fidelis – A traditional Sunday morning class.  Studying Eschatology meeting in the Ambassador/Fidelis Classroom (#134)

Classes 2, 3 & 4 will shuffle every quarter Winter Quarter starts December 6, 2020. I trust you’ll pick a class and join us on Sundays; right after the service at 11am starting October 4th as we grow in grace together!

Pastor Scott

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