Christmas Meditation – December 20, 2019

It was probably the late 70’s when Evie put out her Christmas album, “Come On, Ring Those Bells,” which immediately joined our family record stack at Christmas.  One song was a medley of two hymns, “No Room” and “Have You Any Room for Jesus?” During those high school and college years that medley always got me. Seems that whether it was my studies, my girlfriend, my jobs, or my hobbies, something had crowded out Jesus and I was humbly reminded at Christmas.  

Of course now as a husband, pastor, father, grandfather and football fan, I never let Jesus get crowded out!  :-}

How about you?

There was no room in the inn 2000 years ago.  The Holy Spirit via Luke felt it was important to mention.

Merry Christmas,

Pastor Scott

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