Forgiveness or Permission – November 15, 2019

maxresdefaultBelow is a link to a blog I follow from GES in which a variety of authors write on a variety of issues involving grace.  Typically they are “defending grace” from those trying to make it harder to get to heaven. In the case of the article below, they are taking on the issue of those who use grace as permission to sin.  It’s an interesting read, for all that I don’t know if the ECM churches referred to are actual individual churches or “straw men.” My reason for reposting, however, isn’t to point fingers at those churches; it’s because of the disdain I feel, for their teaching points a finger back at me!

Not me as a preacher.  As a preacher, I’m clear that every passage that teaches justification by grace (ie. Romans 3:22-5:21) is followed by passages like Romans 6:1 “What shall we say then? Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”  And Scott, the preacher, and you, the congregant, know the answer, right?

God Forbid!    

My concern isn’t for my preaching.  My concern is for Scott, the distracted driver, or the tired channel surfer.  Or Scott, the impatient husband. Scott, the preacher, and Scott, the Bible student, knows that grace means forgiveness, NOT permission.  Scott, the man, doesn’t always act that way. Scott, the man, may answer the question: “What shall we say then?  Shall we continue in sin that grace may abound?”   

“You Betcha!”  

Well, not with my words, but with my actions or attitudes.  How about you? Do we give the amazing grace of God a bad name by using it as permission?  I think the reason this article hit me so hard is because it was secular researchers who saw the obvious hypocrisy!  Remember we are His witnesses, always and everywhere!   

Yours, Because I”m His,

Pastor Scott

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