Plumb Lines – August 18, 2018

falling house

Last Monday night I helped my daughter hang some items on her walls.  One of them was a four-foot long shelf that when eyeballed from beneath looked level in one position, but when eyeballed from across the room looked crooked.  OF COURSE, the reader knows one can’t trust your eyes when affixing anything permanent.  We needed a level, AKA a “rule.”   Once we put the level on it, we KNEW that even if it didn’t “look” or “feel” right from either view, it was right because the level said so.

I wonder why since know we can’t trust our eyes to know if a picture frame or 2×4 is straight, we think that we can trust our heart to know if a point of view is straight?  Should we be living according to how we feel or according to what God says?

Of course the answer is “according to what God says.”  But here’s what I learned from hanging that shelf.  It’s easier to not bother carrying the level.  It’s easier (humbling) to not bother to consult the level.  No one would even notice the first couple of times you hung something crooked.  And, probably, once a lot of things are crooked, you wouldn’t even bother to hang anything straight…. until it all falls down.

Just a thot,

Pastor Scott

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