Are you available? – August 10, 2018

There is a lyric from a contemporary* Christian song that I have often quoted when training leaders or teachers.  It says, “It’s not my ability that is His main concern; it’s my availability and willingness to learn.”  In my view if God calls me or even puts me into a situation, God will be the one that enables me to do His will.  So if God nudges you to help hang invitations on doors in the neighborhood, or He nudges you to sign up to work in the Good news club or help tutor kids after school, or even to go across the street and invite your neighbors over for pie (and Jesus); He will enable you!  You ask me how I know?  Because once upon a time God used a donkey – and if He can use a donkey, He most certainly can use me!

balaamPastor Scott

*I use this word advisedly.  The song was on a 1987 Petra album.  Pretty “rockin’” in its day, maybe not really contemporary 31 years later.  J

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