We can’t just coast! April 20, 2018

This little reminder about vigilance is special to me because I’m a big Steve Green fan and, because, my best friend from High School is a concert rigger.  This a powerful a easily remembered reminder of the Water-Walker’s words!  Steve Green tells the story of getting to know the crews who fearlessly hung speakers and lights, in event venues, from ceilings 100+ feet in the air:

Green says, “What they didn’t like, they said, were jobs in buildings that had false ceilings–acoustical tile slung just a couple of feet below the rafters. They were still high in the air, and if they slipped, their weight would smash right through the flimsy tile. But their minds seemed to play tricks on them, lulling them into carelessness.”

It’s a reminder to me that Satan’s business is not so much in scaring us to death as persuading us that the danger of a spiritual fall is minimal. No wonder Peter advised us to “resist him, standing firm in the faith” (I Peter 5:9). ~Pastor Scott

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