Satanic Influence in 2023 – May 21, 2023

The textline has been fairly  quiet in recent months, but I did get an interesting email question this week: “Do you think plurality of demons, as portrayed in Matthew 8, is what is influencing the transgender movement?”

If you’re asking about the plural pronouns, I suppose only God knows (Psalm 44:21).  But in the bigger picture, yes!  All rebellion against God’s plan is ultimately wrought by Satan.  Satan first suggested to Eve that there was a better option than obedience and that’s still what is being proffered; alteration of God’s plan.  The 27th verse of our Bible (along with every cell in our body) indicates that we were each created male or female.  You may be a man who likes to sew; it may mean you are destined to be able to help your daughters with their wedding dresses. but it doesn’t make you a woman!  You may be a woman with a great arm; you may be destined to help your sons learn how to pitch, but it  doesn’t make you a man!  There is a huge spectrum of abilities within each assignment; but the assignment is ordained by God and is cell deep.  So yes, seeking to escape it is rebellion, which God calls “witchcraft” in 1 Samuel 15. Close enough to be demonic for me!

Speaking of demonic influence check out this news story, Jackie Hill Perry is one of the Conference Speakers streamed in for conferences here for our ladies.:    

I don’t know anything about Beyonce, per se, but I think this may apply to a lot of what passes for entertainment today!

Live in the light brothers and sisters!

Pastor Scott

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