Conspiratorial Watchfulness – May 22, 2020


I watched a very thoughtful talk, from a Christian perspective, regarding how we ought not be so quick to jump aboard all of these conspiracy theories. Without going into all the details, a single point that stood out was that if one listened to more than one of them, they tended to neutralize one another. The talk counseled grace toward the decision makers in government and patient trust in God. I appreciated the wisdom and scriptural application of the presenters, but the moment they were done there were dozens of sincere “Yes, buts.”

The ones that stood out were the ones that cited such passages as the Matthew 25 admonition about not letting your lamp oil run out. The objectors reminded the presenters that we are supposed to “watch for His return” and we aren’t supposed to be caught “sleeping.”  While that’s true, nowhere in scripture are we told to wring our hands wondering if this or that might be the next sign!  We are told specifically to be sober, having put on the armor, to recognize we are NOT destined for wrath but for SALVATION, and to spend our time building each other up! (1 Thess 5:8-11).  And even if we are being persecuted or imprisoned, the Word of God is not (2 Timothy 2:9).  We can still, from wherever we are, be His ministers, His servants and His prayer warriors until He comes to take us home!   

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