Clarification – March 6, 2020


On Sunday, March 1, I preached on the Baptism and Temptation of Jesus.  For some reason (and yes, I have a few guesses), I was pretty “off my game” during the whole first sub-point of the message.  At one point during my sermon (and yes, I went back to listen), I said that the Jews John was baptizing were saved and, therefore, just needed to have their sins forgiven “like we do.”  Well, I had intended to use a simile there, but I did, indeed, misspeak and use it in the wrong spot. I was trying to distinguish John’s Baptism of Jews looking toward the cross, preparing for the coming Messiah, with ours looking back to the cross, identifying with Christ who died for us.  I’m sorry for any confusion my wrong word choices caused!

Tolkien said in The Hobbit that shortcuts often lead to long delays, and that is also true with trying to find a verbal shortcut!

Please accept my apology!

Pastor Scott  

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