12 Ways in 12 Months – January 10, 2020

12In 2020 at Word of Grace we are going to challenge each other to incorporate one thing each month that will help us share our faith in everyday ways.  The challenge in January is one that strikes me as pretty easy (of course, almost all of my friends are believers). If you have cultivated some contacts from further afield, this challenge may be both more difficult and more potentially fruitful for you!

JANUARY:  Use social media to say one thing about what God has done in your life.

Social media has been used to do a lot of harmful things from bullying to threatening and even blackmail. But as a child of God, you can turn it into an avenue for the encouragement and upliftment and also to share the love of God with them. Post scriptures, video messages, pictures bearing the good news. Using social media should eliminate the fear that comes with sharing your faith in person.

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