Marriage Study Survey – December 6, 2019

downloadIn Sunday’s bulletin we asked if couples would be interested in a 10-week marriage study beginning in January.  As the bulletin announcement explained, I wanted to find out “who” before we figured out “when.” But based on some discussions I had after church, I realized the announcement needs more explanation.

In early October we hosted a two-day Marriage Matters seminar here at WOGF that we put together ourselves.  We used a combination of live and video teachers. One of the video teachers was acclaimed marriage author Emerson Eggerichs.  In his teaching he “teased” his ten-week seminar, now available as combination of video/discussion/workbook kit, which we own. At the October seminar we promised to make the seminar available this January.

This is a phenomenal seminar.  It’s great for couples in the early years and couples in the twilight years.  It will help couples whose marriage is on the rocks and couples whose marriage rarely ever sees any turbulence.  If you have a perfect marriage, we ESPECIALLY want you to come, because the rest of us need your leadership, example, and mentoring!  Plan NOW to attend, whenever this class runs! ~PS

After we see who wants to take part, the question we need to answer is what works better – a weeknight (e.g. Thursday)? A Saturday morning? Or the Sunday morning Bible Study (SS) hour?  The first two could be in homes or here at church, depending on the number of people involved and childcare needs. If we used the Bible Study hour, the study would likely go longer than ten weeks, but it might be easiest in terms of kids, etc.

And that’s why I wanted to find out “who” before I tried to figure out the when!  🙂

Pastor Scott    

2 thoughts on “Marriage Study Survey – December 6, 2019

  1. My preference would have it @ bible study time. Would there a work book to go along with the study, if so what is the cost.


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