Live-Stream Beta Test October 25, 2019

lights cameraOn Sunday, October 20, 2019, we were able to live stream the sermon on the church’s Facebook page.  We hope to be able to continue to provide this service for those who aren’t able to be with us physically.  There are just four things I wanted to make note of now that we have our first service online! (Technically, it was not the first one; Levi’s mom streamed his sermon in September, proving it could be done! 🙂 ) 

  1. We can post only the sermons because I, Pastor Scott, hold the copyright on those.  We do not have, and cannot afford, the license to broadcast music over the internet.
  2. This Sunday, October 27, we are privileged to host Calvary’s Lux Voces and, because of point #1, we won’t be live streaming anything.
  3. Services posted on Facebook and/or Youtube* are recorded so, if you aren’t able to join us live at 9:45, you can watch it any time or even reference it later in the month/year.
  4. Over time, we will work to center up the picture and decrease the echo; right now we are using a phone and trying not to obscure the view of anyone in the live audience.

If you have any non-tech questions, feel free to call the church or email me at


Pastor Scott

*We hope to be on YouTube in November 


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