Bone Weary – July 19, 2019

Psalm 126

“He guards the buried seed, and stands sponsor for the harvest. No sigh, no tear, no prayer, inspired by the Spirit of God, can positively be lost or unproductive …you shall yet see the travail of your soul, and be satisfied.” F.B. Meyer

 Truth for when it hurts.  For when you’ve poured out more than you ever thought you could and the little seed of faith that you have left doesn’t seem like enough for you to keep moving forward. For the places in our lives where we know our pursuit is sacred and we don’t want to get it wrong, but at times the striving takes so much effort it hurts a thousand-fold.

What holy pursuit are you sowing right now that is just plain hard? That all but knocks you to your knees with the effort of it? Is it a difficult marriage that you keep tending with love and kindness the best you can, a physical illness that isolates you and yet you want to bear it well, or loving your challenging child completely even though it about kills you some days?

Every step forward, every seed planted, every time you show up and hold space in the hard places you will return with sheaves of blessings in your arms and songs of joy dripping from your mouth. Holy effort is never in vain, friends. It never goes unnoticed.  ~ Kristy Gearhart, Mission Hills Church  

 I found the little piece above on a friend’s blog.  It just made me think about how the evidence of the spiritual warfare Paul wrote about in Ephesians 6 is becoming more and more clear.  Remember what he also wrote? Take God’s armor and, in God’s power, STAND! Wherever God has me, in whatever gap He’s placed me, my job is to STAND.

 Stand strong, my brothers and sisters; He notices!

 Pastor Scott 

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