David & Goliath Q&A ~2/19/2019

kid-raising-his-hand-classroom_1150-3863There were two question/statements that didn’t get to me in time to answer on Sunday before the benediction.

The first was a response to a statement I made that we don’t know from where Eliab’s anger in 1 Samuel 17:28 came.  The texter said, “Sure we do, see: 1 Samuel 16:6-7.”   Those verses record God directing Samuel to pass over Eliab, Jesse’s eldest son on His way to David the “baby.”  I agree with the texter that the root of Eliab’s bitterness can be found there, I was just struck by how combustible it was.

The second question/statement wondered if David’s gathering of 5 stones demonstrated a lack of faith.   Which is not only a great question pertaining to this text, but a great question pertaining to our everyday life.   The question goes to preparation and faith.  David had a shepherd’s bag/pouch which, presumably, held five stones.  So in my view, he was preparing for battle by filling his pouch.  Just like a modern day soldier would fill his/her clip.  If he hadn’t would he have been presuming on God (Matt 4:7)?  On the one hand “faith” says I can hit the giant with one stone.  Just like faith might say, I can pass that test without studying, I can preach that message without preparing, or I can build that house without planning.  BUT if I God gives me time to study or plan (or load my quiver); wouldn’t He expect me to use it (2 Timothy 2:15)?  This question is near and dear to my heart, because on more occasions then I can count I’ve had to rely on my gift to preach/or teach with a moment’s notice.   In those times not only has God come through, but it seems that often in those times that I get to see people respond in dramatic and fulfilling ways.   Given that, I sometimes wonder why I feel compelled to do “due diligence” in my studies every week.   I think it’s the same reason David chose 5 stones; to do any less would be to do less than his best.

That said, there is a more traditional and a much more fun answer!  At camp and revival meetings across America whenever the preacher gets to 1 Samuel 17:40 – five smooth stones –  he looks up at the audience, grins and say, “Because, Goliath had 4 brothers!” (2 Samuel 21:22)



One thought on “David & Goliath Q&A ~2/19/2019

  1. I like it even more that God used the ability David had at his hand. He was skilled in the sling, so that is what God used. He did not ask him to do something that he was not prepared for. David knew exactly what he was doing…though he was probably just a teen-ager. Preparation!


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