Word of Grace Fellowship Prayer – March 19, 2018

Father, I commit Word of Grace Fellowship to you and ask that you will help us to glorify you in all that we do, that we will be a church that will clearly love you and not love the things in and of this world, that you will give us Christ-centered, close relationships with one another, that you will mend and restore any broken relationships and friendships.

I pray that our building will look and feel like a refuge to our community, that you will give us flexibility, that you will empower leaders within the church and that you will help us to be clear in our communication and have sensitive spirits.  I ask that you help us to organize the building well and efficiently, that new visitors and attenders will feel welcome and at home in our new facility, that your Word will always be preached with truth and grace in our new church home and that the Holy Spirit will revive our hearts so that we can have the “living water” flowing through us as Jesus said in John 7:38.

I pray that you will encourage our missionaries and give them wisdom, that there will be open doors and open hearts in the surrounding neighborhoods.  I commit the elders to you and pray that you will speak through them and that their plans will be your plans, I pray that the men of our church will become mighty spiritual leaders, that our women will clearly believe and see their worth in Christ and stand firm as women of God, that the teens will stand firm in an ungodly culture and see the treasure of loving Christ, that our children will grow up to love, honor, and serve the Lord,

I pray that you will protect our building from evil, both spiritual and physical, that our building will be mechanically sound and that you will allow it to run efficiently, that you will help us to be creative in reaching the lost and that you will use us to share the gospel boldly!

I pray that we will all love to study and accurately teach your truth, that you will keep our pastors and congregation healthy, and that you will give us wisdom as we minister to people who are hurting and in need.  Thank you, Father.

I pray all of this in the strong, precious and holy name of Jesus.  AMEN

{This prayer was composed by R. Wilson from a bullet prayer list that was put out before the move; and edited to its current format after the last moving truck drove the 3.3 miles to our new church home  – I, Pastor Scott, think it’s a prayer that should be on all of our hearts!)

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