Do all things! January 8, 2018

So this morning I was listening to music and getting some honey do’s done when I remembered that I hadn’t had my devotions yet (My glasses had been MIA earlier).

The song that was playing right before I told Alexa to stop the music, was Steve Green singing the Philippians 2:14 song, “Do all things without complaining, do all things without grumbling..”

I sat down, with my glasses and a bright light, and read First Corinthians 10.  Paul’s rehearsal of Israel’s struggles in the wilderness led me to Numbers 16 and the story of Korah’s Rebellion that led God to open the earth and swallow Korah’s whole tribe lock, stock and barrel.Image result for God swallowing Korah

Shortly after reading that epic story I checked Facebook and a pastor friend had posted:

God does not evolve: His Person, Holiness, Word, & Will do not change – He is the Same from Eternity Past to Eternity Future. (Hebrews 13:8)

 You can see where this is going, right?  The God of the OT opened the earth to swallow grumbling complainers.  The God of the New Testament is the same God.  And while He poured the wrath we deserve out on Christ, His opinion about complaining hasn’t changed, because He hasn’t changed!

By His Grace I’m going to ask for His help to stop….   And I’m going to pray for all of us that our words and thoughts would be seasoned by salt not by gripes!  Of course the doorknob of your heart is on the inside, will join me in that prayer?

Pastor Scott

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