Men’s Ministry Choices – Apr 1, 2022

No fooling!  We really are offering two options starting tomorrow morning at 8am.  The first option is the one you have heard about if you stay awake during the announcements. 🙂  Men’s Alliance is geared toward getting men into an “iron sharpens iron” (Prov. 27:17) fellowship of guys who learn to have each other’s backs (Ecclesiastes 4:9-12) as they seek to serve God, their families, and their community.  I love the concept, but there are already two leaders; one of whom I’ve worked with for two decades who knows me well enough to know that a boot camp environment is not what I’m suited for.

Therefore, Pastor’s Bible Study will begin this Saturday as a second option for men to take part.  This desire was also expressed at one of the formational meetings this winter.  So if you aren’t suited to sweat, but still want to fellowship with fellow men, join me in the Fellowship Hall Saturday morning as we start a 30+ week study of Proverbs.  I’ll make sure the coffee is strong!

Hope to see all the men, regardless of age, at 8am tomorrow, whether you drive through the gate to join Men’s Alliance out back or come in through the front doors to join Pastor’s Bible Study in comfortable chairs.

Your Brother in Christ,

Pastor Scott

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